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McCartney once compared writing music to pulling a rabbit out of a hat - sometimes songwriting can be magical like that.

But Love & Lies wasn't exactly pulled out of a hat.

I self-produced, but thankfully was never alone cutting these songs. 

This album would not be without the amazing talents of many musicians and engineers -

I'm grateful to each and every one of them.

See the many talents involved in Love & Lies below:

The Album: Love & Lies


Drums/Percussion - Alan Arber    •    Bass - Eric Hervey    •    Piano/Hammond B3 - Dan Trudell  

 Trumpet - Brett Murphy    •    Guitars - Bob Monagle, Dan Johnston, Rob Fetters & me    •    Trombone - Mike Franceschi   

Saxophone - Peter Neumer & Warren Wiegratz    •    Flute/Horn Arrangements - Warren Wiegratz  

Strings/Piccolo Trumpet - Rob Pottorf    •    Harp - Derrick Procell 

Background Vocals - Rhonda Rhonsman, Derrick Procell & me

Recording & Mixing - Ric Probst, Remote Planet LLC    •    Mastering Engineer - Gary Tanin 

 Thank you for sharing your talents & taking this journey with me!

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